Posted on May 26, 2020

Armthorpe Carpet Cleaners

Whether it’s sofa Cleaning in Doncaster or any type of Upholstery cleaning in Doncaster, there’s a lot more too it than meets the eye, for a start fibre identification is the first job, done fibre types are more delicate than others , some don’t like to be wet cleaned , some don’t like alkaline cleaning products, some don’t like acidic products, this is what causes customer’s problems when they attempt diy on their expensive upholstery after accidents, it’s also what ruins sofas when untrained cleaners attempt to clean certain sofas. There’s a cleaning solution for every fibre type , there’s also a hundred wrong solutions for every fibre type too. There’s also a multitude of solvents and spotters to remove various stains/spots on upholstery. The skill is knowing what to use on each stain and on each fibre type. Over the last 35+ years of cleaning carpets in Doncaster I have seen many sofas with customer damage , where I’ve been able to remove the stain but not the damage the customer caused in the area. The golden rule is only use cold water and blot don’t rub. Use a hair dryer on a low setting to dry the area to help prevent water marks. If there’s still a stain call a professional for advice, try to have the fibre type written down, sometimes this can be found on the tags , if not call the manufacturer with the name of the sofa and they can tell you. Upholstery is one of the most expensive items in any house , it’s cheaper to call a professional than to buy a new one.
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