Posted on Jun 2, 2020

Armthorpe Carpet Cleaners

Lily Pollen Stains, everybody’s worst nightmare, well not for Armthorpe Carpet Cleaners , we make Carpet Stain Removal look easy , this photo is of a Lily pollen stain on a wool carpet. We are highly trained and experienced Carpet Stain Removal experts.
If you get lily pollen on your carpet the 1st thing you don’t do is add water , that will make it impossible for you to remove without damaging your carpet. If you wet it you will need us.
Your best bet is to get some cello tape whilst it’s dry and dab the sticky side on the carpet, the pollen will stick to the cello tape , if that doesn’t work then stop. Call out a trained stain removal expert and let them deal with the problem.
If you do get moisture on it just leave it and once again let a trained expert deal with it . Always ask how they will remove it, if they say they will wash it out with a machine they’re not trained. It has to be dealt with first before cleaning for the reasons stated earlier in this post. For carpet and upholstery cleaning or carpet stain removal or sofa stain removal give us a call and we will be happy to rectify the problem for you.
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